video installatie en introfilm voor de Internationale Architectuur Biënnale Rotterdam | iov IABR | 2014

Voor de Internationale Architectuur Biënnale Rotterdam maakte Zuis een interactief tweegesprek op twee schermen tussen Dirk Sijmons (curator van IABR–2014: Urban by Nature) en Johan van de Gronden (directeur van het Wereld Natuur Fonds) over leven in het Antropoceen.

“Als we de reële en klemmende vraagstukken van de stedelijke planeet van de 21ste eeuw willen aanpakken, hebben we niets aan een moralistische boodschap die erop neerkomt dat wij mensen te ver zijn gegaan, en dat we dus terug moeten. Er is geen weg terug. Welkom in het Antropoceen!”

Zuis verzorgde ook de montage van de introfilm.

VERTONING mei t/m augustus 2014, Kunsthal Rotterdam
WEB IABR Urban by Nature


video installatie voor de Internationale Architectuur Biënnale Venetië | iov Berlage Instituut | 2006

Beyond Mapping. Projecting the City
Berlage Institute
International Architecture Biennale Venice
10 September – 17 November 2006

Concurrent with the 10th Venice Architecture Biennale (Cities, Architecture and Society, curated by Richard Burdett), the Berlage Institute was invited to showcase its distinctive approach to contemporary architecture in the Italian Pavilion of the Giardini. Four studio workshop projects were highlighted, each presented by a series of graphics and models with corresponding books and video discussions in an over-scaled “roundtable” format.

The video installation “City Talks” presents video conversations with four Berlage Institute studio professors. Four vertically placed LCD monitors “sitting at a table” invite the audience to participate. The total conversation is about 50 minutes. The interviews are held by Jennifer Sigler and Roemer van Toorn. Camera, editing and technique of the installation was in the hands of Zuis Film (Karel Poortman and Neeltje van der Haak). The video installation was directed by Roemer van Toorn.

The four studio professors of the Berlage Institute who are interviewed are Markus Schaefer, Yushi Uehara, Pier Vittorio Aureli and Peter Trummer. They talk about their urban research projects in respectively Ljubjana, China, Moscow and Madrid. Each professor either answers the questions, looks around or shows material of specific interest (like books, quotes or studio material that was of inspiration) while one of the others is talking to the public. The public is provoked to join the conversation at the oversized roundtable on which six oversized project books of every research produced at the Berlage Institute are located.

In the exhibition itself more detailed information on the projects researched can be found on the four walls behind each speaker and in the project books on the table. Talking and debating the result (ideas and positioning) is meant to go first and upfront, while the recording of the material (tools and pragmatics) takes a second stage in the background of the installation in physical form.

source http://www.roemervantoorn.nl/citytalkvenicebi.html


VERTONING september t/m november 2006, Venetië
WEB Roemer van Toorn > City Talk


edit van interviews voor World-Talks | iov Tertium | 2016

Edit van Skype interviews met mensenrechten verdedigers and activisten voor mensenrechtenplatform World-Talks.

WEB world-talks.com
World-Talks YouTube channel